Stigma (*signed*)

Stigma (*signed*)

    Publisher's presentation :

    "The sordid, artificial purgatory, the round of hungering, bruised flesh, the desperate and depraved promiscuity reigning over these empty nights, clusters of violent and violated intimacy multiplied over and over again… Bruised in body and soul, they live in the claustrophobic basements of derelict shopping centres. In the obscure darkness where flesh, words and thought disappear in a pool of putrefaction, deviation and excess seem to have granted them special awareness of what it is to exist. Their voiceless cries express the unbearable feeling that their own existence has gone too far. The bare crudity of the human condition fixed on photograph. [...]

           -- Philippe Azoury  "

    One of the most sought-after books by Antoine d'Agata, new (mint & unread) and signed by the artist.

    Text by Philippe Azoury in French and English.

    64 pages - Hardcover

    Images en Manoeuvres, 2004


    New - Mint condition

    295,00 €


    d'Agata, Antoine

    Images en Manœuvres

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