Photobook Phenomenon

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    "Photobooks have become increasingly popular in recent years and occupy a central place in contemporary photography. Nowadays, more photobooks are produced, bought and sold, swapped and collected than ever before.

    Independent publishing and the self-publishing of books and fanzines have become a phenomenon that has had a considerable impact on both the publishing industry and the art world, and there is an evident return to the printed object, even though we are at the height of the digital era. Many artists have found this format to be not only a good tool for showing their work, but also the perfect place for experimentation and creativity. In addition, there is a growing interest in reinterpreting the history of photography through the role of the photobook and printed photographs.

    Photobook Phenomenon pays homage to those photographers who have considered the book to be the ideal place for their photographs to acquire meaning. It examines the influence of essential publications such as William Klein’s New York, protest photobook photography, the vision of the collector, the libraries of great masters, and a sampling of the most creative works by contemporary authors."

    This box about the "photobook phenomenon" is the catalogue of the exhibition "Fenomeno Fotolibre" running until August 2017 in Barcelona in 2 separate places: the "Foto Colectania" foundation, and the CCCB "Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona". It is co-published by these institutions and publisher "Editorial RM".

    We are offering only the English version of this box / book, with texts in English only.

    Eight booklets in a sealed cardboard box (with tear-up mechanism). The box content appears on the back of the box (see second image). You can find a video presentation of the content on the CCCB's YouTube channel here.

    112 pages (total for 8 booklets) - Softcovers in cardboard box

    CCCB / Foto Colectania / Editorial RM, 2017

    Format of the box : 19 x 26 cm

    New - Mint condition

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    Editorial RM

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