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    Presentation by the artist : "Returning from Osaka just after the new year, I was once again drawn into the whirlpool of energy in Tokyo. As I prepared for a trip in August, plans to publish this photobook were finalized an my goal became clearer than ever. The joy of meetings, the sorrow of partings − everything provides us with a reason for living....

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation : "About 10 years ago, Ishikawa started photography, shooting his daily life with his friends. And also, he wondered around in the night town in Okinawa. Not only his friends, he captures Bosozoku, people in the night club, etc. Loneliness, darkness. Hope.These photographs are his starting point on photography."In the...

  • .Sold out.For Japan Sea, Shunji Dodo traveled the coast of the Japan Sea (delimited by China, the two Koreas, Russia and Japan) with an 8"x10" camera. Through this geographical and certainly historical point of entry, he is looking for a point of entry into the Japanese culture, by immersing the viewer in the daily life he witnessed, sometimes its...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items