Japan Sea (*signed*)

@ Dodo, Shunji



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For Japan Sea, Shunji Dodo traveled the coast of the Japan Sea (delimited by China, the two Koreas, Russia and Japan) with an 8"x10" camera.

Through this geographical and certainly historical point of entry, he is looking for a point of entry into the Japanese culture, by immersing the viewer in the daily life he witnessed, sometimes its triviality, but also in an obvious form of beauty, sometimes an imposing and silent grandeur... this day in the portrait of a group of female fishery workers, that day in a simple yet mesmerizing landscape of striking trees on a hill

This book is a gate to a discovery of Japan, through sumptuous images; Shunji Dodo shows a true mastering of light and contrasts, but also creates a really penetrating portraiture.

The book is also a really beautiful production, with a very high-quality printing.

324 pages - Stiff softcover with DJ and OBI

Akaaka, 2014


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