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Presentation by Akaaka (excerpt)

" In 2009, Lieko Shiga moved to Kitakama, a coastal town in Japan's Tōhoku region [north of the main island of Honshū], where she began working as the town's official photographer. This move marked a significant turning point for Shiga, and RASEN KAIGAN collects this new body of work into a book.

Shiga's photographs from Kitakama are different from her previous work in that they were produced over more than four years, in concert with the local residents. This personal connection is noteworthy, and indeed it might not be far-fetched to say that Shiga is operating more as an organizer than as a photographer.

Yet it's clear that RASEN KAIGAN is Shiga's tour de force. The images in this book call to mind many things outside the realm of photography: surrealism, land art, happenings, sculpture and the presence of Japanese « earth spirits, » to name just a few.

Kitakama was severely affected by Japan's March 2011 tsunami, and RASEN KAIGAN acknowledges this disaster, but this is far from a book of « tsunami photos. »

Years in the making, RASEN KAIGAN affirms Shiga's position as one of the most compelling young photographers in Japan today. "

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280 pages - Hardcover

Akaaka, 2013

Format : 25.7 x 36.4 cm

Second-hand copy, as new

Shiga, Lieko

Lieko Shiga is a Japanese photographer, she studied photography at the Chelsea College or Arts, in LOndon. In 2007, she publishes "Canary" with Akaaka, and her work was most noted in 2013 with the release of the critically acclaimed "RASEN KAIGAN", with Akaaka as well. Then, she published "Blind Date" in 2017 with T&M Projects. © Portrait by Gui Martinez
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