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Lieko Shiga is a Japanese photographer, she studied photography at the Chelsea College or Arts, in LOndon.

In 2007, she publishes "Canary" with Akaaka, and her work was most noted in 2013 with the release of the critically acclaimed "RASEN KAIGAN", with Akaaka as well. Then, she published "Blind Date" in 2017 with T&M Projects.

© Portrait by Gui Martinez

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    Presentation by T&M Projects:  " It was the summer of 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, that Shiga photographed couples on motorbikes. In this city Shiga exchanged glances with hundreds and thousands of people on the back seat of motorbikes. The camera seemed to be the ideal tool for getting closer to that strange feeling of receiving glances without...

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  • .Copy sold. Presentation by Akaaka (excerpt):  " In 2009, Lieko Shiga moved to Kitakama, a coastal town in Japan's Tōhoku region [north of the main island of Honshū], where she began working as the town's official photographer. This move marked a significant turning point for Shiga, and RASEN KAIGAN collects this new body of work into a book. Shiga's...

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