Solastalgia (*signed*)

@ Vitaglione, Marina



Presentation by Overlapse :

"The fragile foundations of Venice are slowly being eroded by rising tides, subsidence and pollution – undergoing a brutal transformation that threatens irreversible change to this widely beloved city. Illustrated with degraded images from films submerged in Adriatic seawater, this photo/text docufiction unravels a narrative in which the lagoon city poignantly chronicles its own disappearance."

Texts in English with an Italian translation in a separate booklet attached to the inner back cover.

84 pages - Hardcover

Overlapse, 2017

Format : 17 x 24 cm


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Vitaglione, Marina

Marina Vitaglione is a photo researcher, photographer and journalist from France. She published in 2017 with Overlapse the book Solastalgia , a documentary / fiction work on the impact of climate change on Venice. © Portrait of the artist by Jose Sarmento Matos.
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