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Publisher's presentation:

"Ontem (yesterday in Portuguese), is the result of a work of several years during which André Cepeda was interested in the life of the inhabitants of Porto, photographing landscapes, interiors, and portraits.

The photographer, concerned by poverty and social injustice, has interfered in these small neighborhoods closed on themselves, where one enters only by a single door, and where families and couples live in tiny apartments, and where they share the toilet. There, he managed to get in, to make connections with these people often without hope and without any encouraging prospect. In these interiors, we hear the silence, which gives images a charged intensity.

Couples told him, during long conversations, they survive thanks to the very strong bonds of love woven between them; this is perhaps the essence of the photographer's work: to express his ideas through the image, through the understanding of others, of those around him. "

Texts translated in English and Portuguese.

120 pages - Hardcover

Le Caillou Bleu, 2010

Format : 29.5 x 28 cm

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