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Anatopées is a journey, a quest, a graphic and esthetic obsession.
For many years, after observing graphic similarities in images of very different natures, Arnaud Lesage has been looking for a certain shape or form in his numerous trips.

This book is the result of this extensive quest, presented in a simple yet superb "Leporello" design (accordion-fold), at a steady rhythm of 4 images per double-page. Anatopées is really a amazing work, very inventive, and beautiful.

Anatopées will surprise you!

96 pages - Hardcovers, Leporello design, in cardboard sleeve

Éditions GANG, 2013

New in shrinkwrap - Mint condition

  • Publisher's presentation: "Born in Charleville-Mézières, Éric Guglielmi suffered in his childhood the omnipresence of Rimbaud, his tyranny: Rimbaud street, the Rimbaud place, the Rimbaud museum, the Rimbaud school ... Then comes the adolescence, and the poignant reading of the poet. Eric Guglielmi followed in the footsteps of Rimbaud and visited...

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