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Anatopées is a journey, a quest, a graphic and esthetic obsession.
For many years, after observing graphic similarities in images of very different natures, Arnaud Lesage has been looking for a certain shape or form in his numerous trips.

This book is the result of this extensive quest, presented in a simple yet superb "Leporello" design (accordion-fold), at a steady rhythm of 4 images per double-page. Anatopées is really a amazing work, very inventive, and beautiful.

Anatopées will surprise you!

96 pages - Hardcovers, Leporello design, in cardboard sleeve

Éditions GANG, 2013

New in shrinkwrap - Mint condition

40,00 €

  • Publisher's presentation: "Originaire de Charleville-Mézières, Éric Guglielmi a subi dans son enfance l’omniprésence de Rimbaud, sa tyrannie : la rue Rimbaud, la place Rimbaud, le musée Rimbaud, l’école Rimbaud... Puis vient l’adolescence et, avec elle, la lecture, bouleversante, du poète. Éric Guglielmi a suivi les traces de Rimbaud et s’est rendu...

    40,00 €
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