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Presentation by Red Hook Editions:

" Sabiha Çimen spent three years photographing Girl Quran Schools in five cities in Turkey, a subject that she knows very well since she attended the same schools when she was a teenager with her twin sister. After becoming a photographer, she returned to those schools to work on her project that has now become the subject for her first book.

The title Hafiz refers to one who has memorized all 604 pages of the Holy Quran. Historically the task of memorization began during the time of Muhammad. The individual process can take up to four years and is usually done by girls ranging in age from eight to nineteen. Turkey has thousands of Quran schools.

This world has never been captured with so much intimacy before, as only Sabiha can do, because she is part of this culture. Every photo reveals a different aspect and gives us a deeper understanding of the daily life and the dreams of these girls. "

This books received the  Paris Photo / Aperture Foundation « First Photobook Award » in 2022.

The front board of the book comes with a flap that wraps around ans seals the book closed. Swiss binding.

140 pages - Hardcover

Red Hook Editions, 2022

Format : 20 x 27 cm

New - Mint condition

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Çimen, Sabiha

Sabiha Çimen is a self-taught Turkish photographer; she is a member of Magnum Photos. She works on long-term documentary projects focusing on women, Islamic culture, portraiture and still life. Her first project "Hafiz" focuses on the daily life of young girls in Quran schools in Turkey. It was initiated in 2017 and allowed Sabiha Çimen to receive a World Press Photo Award and a Canon Female Photojournalist Grant in 2020. The photobook "Hafiz" was then published in 2022 by Red Hook Editions and received the Aperture Foundation / Paris Photo "First Photobook Award" that year. © Portrait taken from the Magnum Photos website (uncredited)
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