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Presentation by IIKKI Books:

" « At first brutal and declining, the substance of Gaël Bonnefon's photography is just like a gaze that fears being one day extinguished and that is always looking to be born again. In photography as in love, recoil and desire, tension and easement, repetition, wandering and rest, flight and pursuit. Here photography allows itself to be traversed by flashes of life, renewed forces, echoes of far-off kindnesses and lost joys. It sings silently, lover of a thousand faces from which the thread of a single and same image is born, followed without relent, from the snowy peaks of childhood to the lost worlds of the present. »

         --  Michaël Soyez

  « Fueled by travels and their emanations, Frédéric D. Oberland’s music had to build new horizons this year, outlined by the curves of semi-modular synthesizers, the avalanches of effect pedals and the zigzagging paths of electric circuits. Même Soleil, his third solo album, manages to merge mystical visions of the unconscious and the absurdity of an apocalyptic present in a sensory whirlwind, operating an astonishing mutation with tones still unexplored in his previous releases.

A visual as well as a musical journey that takes shape in a book and a record of the same title, Même Soleil is the result of a collaboration with the photographer Gaël Bonnefon. Seeking the tension between the blinding light of day and the glittering visions of saturated night skies, the two pieces in dialogue transcend reality to deliver their own truth, as bright as the first light of the sought-after morning. »

         -- Alice Butterlin "

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112 pages - hardcover

IIKKI Books, 2021 (400 copies)

Format : 24 x 22 cm

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Bonnefon, Gaël

Gaël Bonnefon is a French photographer who collaborated on multiple occasions with the Temps Zéro collective. The website of publisher éditions lamaindonne indicates [traduction L'Ascenseur Végétal]: « His images form a sort of personal documentary that travels through subconscious situations, in a fiction that has roots in his daily life. » In 2019, éditions lamaindonne publishes "Elegy for the Mundane", a project that was also an exhibition at the Château d'Eau, Toulouse, France in the fall of 2019. In 2021, he publishes "Même Soleil" with IIKKI Books, a collaboration with musician and photographer Frédéric D. Oberland. Portrait taken from the artist's Facebook page. © Damien Daufresne
  • Presentation by éditions lamaindonne:        [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal] "For a long time, Gaël Bonnefon had titled his whole photography work About Decline. A corpus of images spreading over more than 10 years, a tribute to the daily and the banal. He explores the little cracks, between visible and invisible, where the daily life reveals its...

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