I Can't Stand to See You Cry (*1st ed. / 2nd ed.*)

@ Fortune, Rahim


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Presentation by Loose Joints:

" « A year and change into father's diagnosis, his nightly calls began to become more frequent. My sister and I, his youngest children, spent countless hours in his room caring for him as his body gave up. Many nights we'd leave his room both knowing his condition was getting much worse, but we chose to say nothing of it. »

I can't stand to see you cry is an exploration of Texas and the surrounding states, as well as the people who are fixed within its complex landscape. Fortune analyses relationships between family, friends and strangers, all caught in a flood of health and environmental issues while working to maintain grace.

The artist uses his own personal experiences to explore the friction between public and private life, and the unspoken tensions in daily life through an approach rooted in the landscape. Moreover, Fortune’s biographical approach to photography attempts to unpack his own identity and experience in the midst of a pandemic, civil unrest, a cross-country move, a career, and the loss of a parent, thinking about both the future and past. "

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112 pages - Hardcover

Loose Joints, 2021 (1st printing)

Loose Joints, 2022 (2nd printing)

Format : 23.5 x 26.5 cm

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Fortune, Rahim

Rahim Fortune is an American fine art and documentary photographer from the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma. His work focuses on culture, geography and self expression. In 2021, he publishes, for the first time with a publisher after 2 artist books about Oklahoma, the photobook "I Can't Stand to See You Cry" with Loose Joints. © Portrait by Miranda Barnes taken from the artist's website
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