How to Destroy Everything (*signed*)

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Presentation by studiofaganel:

[Google translation from Italian]

" In How to Destroy Everything, Marzocchi includes a group of photographs found after he accidentally formatted his phone. The project starts from this well-defined and limited archive, which refers to the last 3 years of his life. In these found images, people, moments, places, situations no longer exist, they are all gone.

How to Destroy Everything initially converged in a zine in digital format - which can be downloaded from the Marzocchi website - and later in a printed version published by studiofaganel editore.

For Marzocchi, the zine-making process, in general book-making, seems to be the ideal way to tell a story, to create a specific space-time context. It is still for the author a space for reflection, exchange and for the formulation of questions.

How to Destroy Everything is a project that talks about these confused and dramatic times in which we live, in which chaos is supreme and there is no logic capable of controlling it and the only thing left to do seems to accept it. Through these photographs of his, Marzocchi also wants to tell us that, among these explosions of chaos, we can still experience moments of illumination and lightness, of simple poetry.

« We live in a reality in which it is difficult to distinguish the glimmer of a dawn from the glare of an explosion. »

         -- Marco Marzocchi   "

Text in English.

92 pages - Softcover in plastic pouch

studiofaganel, 2020 (100 copies)

Format : 14.8 x 21 cm

*Signed & Numbered*

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Marzocchi, Marco

Marco Marzocchi is an Italian photographer. He is part of the "galaxy" of the fluid collective Temps Zéro. According to Marco's website introduction: « Marco Marzocchi's photography is the search for people, atmospheres and places of the past that mix with the present in order to define it and make sense of it. (...) His work alternates impulsiveness and rationality, both in shooting and editing. » In 2019, he publishes his first photobook "Oyster" with VOID, then in 2020 "How to Destroy Everything" with studiofaganel. © Portrait taken from the artist's website
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