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"Portraits de Villes" is a collection of books, where an artist is given carte blanche to illustrate a city of his / her choice. Each book is a unique journey, guided by the singular gaze of an artist.

Robbie Lawrence chose Freetown, and this project shot in 2017 documents the challenges arising from poor maternal health in Sierra Leone, specifically through the actions of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Introduction by Robbie Lawrence in French and English.

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64 pages - Softcover,  Singer binding

be-poles, 2019 (1st edition)

Format : 13 x 21 cm

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Lawrence, Robbie

Robbie Lawrence is a Scottish photographer, based between London and Berlin, who both pursues personal projects and works as a freelance photographer, mainly for news and magazines. His work is both sensitive and documentary; having worked as a photo editor early in his career, he indicates « I try to a make a photograph that, in that particular moment, tells as much of a story as possible. » Robbie studied painting and recognizes the Dutch Masters and the Fauvists as references and influences in his photography work. (see " It's Nice That " interview.) In 2019, he publishes "Blackwater River" withStanley / Barker, a journey and encounters on the American Atlantic coast, between South Carolina and Georgia. Then in 2020, still with Stanley / Barker, "A Voice Above the Linn", where he travels to the west coast of Scotland and meets an old gardener that has been cultivating plants from all over the world in this region's subtropical climate. © Portrait taken from another interview on the  FvF website (Freunden von Freunden)
  • .Sold out. Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " In 2016 Robbie Lawrence first travelled to a remote stretch of coastline in the west coast of Scotland, to Linn Gardens, which lies at the head of Cove Bay on the west side of Rosneath peninsula. The gardens had been run for fifty years by Jim Taggart, an avid botanist and gardener. Jim discovered that the...

  • .Copies of the second edition in stock!. Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " On a map of the south-eastern U.S., the 245-mile Ogeechee River cuts a diagonal path across Eastern Georgia before curling south of the city of Savannah and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. It is known locally as Blackwater River for its slow moving waters that are like black...

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