56 Days in Arles (*1st printing*)

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Presentation by Libraryman:

" This book consists of polaroids taken during François Halard's 56 days of confinement in his greatly unimitative hôtel particulier in Arles, France. Foreword written by art dealer and curator Oscar Humphries. "

We are offering copies of the first printing of this photobook, quickly sold out by the publisher (reprint planned for the end of February 2021).

Text in English only.

68 pages - Linen hardcover

Libraryman, 2020

Format : 21.5 x 28 cm

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Halard, François

François Halard is a French photographer; he had the opportunity in 2015 to photograph the East Village, New York apartment where Saul Leiter spent almost his entire adult life. Among others, he has published several photobooks with Libraryman : "Saul Leiter" (2017), "Papa" (2019) and "56 Days in Arles" (2020). © François Halard
  • Presentation by Libraryman: "What is left when everything is gone? In 2015, François Halard visited late Saul Leiter’s almost empty apartment in the East Village, two years after his passing in 2013. He took photographs of the decrepit walls, the empty closet, and of what Saul Leiter had left behind. Saul Leiter (1923–2013) was an American painter and...

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  • .Sold out.Viviane Sassen a réalisé cette série entre 2002 et 2004 dans les "townships" d'Afrique du Sud, en photographiant les intérieurs des maisons, des bars et des commerces dont la décoration présente en effet une certaine homogénéité. Des images en lumière souvent très blanche et aux cadrages parfois surprenants, qui donnent - sans y paraître -...