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Publisher's presentation:

"In 2001, through a grant from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Gerry Johansson traveled to the inaccessible and distinct landscape of Antarctica on a research trip for two months.

With him on the journey he had a large-format camera and his fearless curiosity. The series of photos eventuate in an unusual reality relevant perspective, and capture the astonishing non-distance relationship between physicality and nature. The series was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden."

A beautiful formal research on shapes and contrasts, and also an ode to the mineral beauties of this untouched and intact nature and its landscapes.

Designed & Edited by Tony Cederteg, with a text in English & Swedish by Thorbjörn Andersson.

64 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

Libraryman, 2014 (700 numbered copies)

New - Mint condition

Johansson, Gerry

The Swedish photographer Gerry Johansson , born in 1945, has produced in 18 years a series of books on Sweden, the USA, Mongolia and Germany, in which he always uses black and white pictures with a square format of uninhabited places . Photo: © Pressfoto
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