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" RRB Photobooks is delighted to present 101 Pictures by Tom Wood. The book is a concise and considered look back at Wood's work selected by Martin Parr, edited and sequenced by Padraig Timoney.

101 Pictures is the first english language retrospective of Wood's work, casting light on his 25 year long testament to the people of Merseyside. It includes previously unseen photographs, alongside major works such as the infamous nightclub series, Looking for Love (1989) and from his seminal Photie Man (2005) publication.

« Many of the images that I have selected here are portraits; these are strong, albeit subtle and understated. Tom photographed whole families, groups of workers, couples and individuals, always conveying a sense of dignity and respect. »
       -- Martin Parr

« Wood achieves an intimacy with his subject that's at once rude and tender…  loose, instinctive, and dead-on. »
      -- Vince Alletti, The New Yorker.

« Wood is both an obsessive and a maverick and, though often described reductively as a street photographer, his work does not sit easily in any tradition. »
      -- Sean O'Hagan, The Guardian. "

128 pages - Linen hardcover

RRB Photobooks, 2020

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Wood, Tom

Tom Wood is an Irish photographer considered one of the pionneers of modern color photography. He is known for his work of portraits, street photography and landscape photography, mainly through the daily life and social life in England (and more specifically Liverpool and Merseyside) in the 70's, 80's, and 90's, in pubs, public transportation, markets, workplaces, on football pitches, etc. Tom Wood has published several books, in particular "All Zones Off Peak" (Dewi Lewis, 1998), "Photie Man" (Steidl, 2005), "Termini" (GwinZegal, 2018), "Women's Market" (Stanley / Barker, 2018), "Mères, Filles, Soeurs" (Textuel, 2019) and "101 Pictures" (RRB Publishing, 2020). © Portrait taken from an  article on the BBC website (uncredited)
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  • PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK IS "ACTIVATED" ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF TECHNICAL TESTS!THE BOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED TO PURCHASE IT (YOUR ORDER WOULD BE CANCELLED) Presentation by RRB Photobooks: " The book is made up of over 90 largely unpublished images, each one selected from a cache of five hundred negatives which have sat unseen for over...

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