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Presentation by éditions lamaindonne:          [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

" With this new photobook, Tropiques, Julien Coquentin delves farther into his familiar themes of childhood, family, territory and otherness.

It is after traveling to the French island of La Réunion [in the Indian Ocean, off Madagascar] that he elaborated his new series. Going there to work as a nurse, with his wife and three kids, he spent two years taking photographs and writing texts, as he considered that photography and writing are two sides of the same creation process.

As he stated in an interview: « I believe my writing is much alike my photography and that consequently it is possible to combine and merge them together. »  It is the other editorial interest of this publication: offer the same role to text (five novels, much like tales) and image, without one being an illustration of the other. Texts and photographs will then be the two actors of the same story, each one with its distinctive characteristics, allowing for telling what cannot be shown and showing what cannot be told.

Julien Coquentin allows the free vibration, in his images where the dampness of the island air can almost be felt, of the themes of relation between man and nature, of  intimacy within a family caught in a new territory, of difference in another culture... "

PLEASE NOTE : the texts are in French only.

196 pages - Hardcover

éditions lamaindonne, 2020

Format : 18 x 24 cm


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Coquentin, Julien

Julien Coquentin is a French photographer, member of Studio Hans Lucas. His bibliography is closely connected to the French publisher éditions lamaindonne, as he has published two books of his urban travels: "Tôt un dimanche matin, journal de Montréal" (2013) and "Huit jours à New York" (2014), then the much more personal and intimate "Saisons Noires" (2018) in the French southern countryside of his childhood and "Tropiques" (2020), a trace of two years of family life on the Réunion island in the Indian Ocean, off Madagascar. © Portrait taken from the artist profile on the  Hans Lucas website.
  • Publisher's presentation : "After presenting his vision of Montreal in Early Sunday morning / Journal de Montreal, we discover Julien Coquentin's vision of New York in this photobook.This time, unlike Montreal, it's a short one-week trip. A week to photograph New York is not enough. But it requires being on the lookout, trying to capture every moment that...

  • Text from the back cover : "My childhood is bounded by a few hills, a few meadows, a forest, a village: a countryside as a playground ... More than the children of a country, we were the children of a landscape. A handful of friends in the heart of a huge territory. Young dogs peeing in the grass and to the wind to mark their territory. Huts, hiding...

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  • .Back in stock.Presentation by Julien Coquentin on the publisher's website:"For two years I photographed Montreal. I wanted to write a poetic of the city and remoteness, an American ride in short. I worked at night in the emergency room of a big hospital and lived in the cosmopolitan district of Mile-End. This America was mixed with my childhood dreams...

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  • .WARNING : We are offering only the French version of this book. An English version will be released by University of Texas Press, but - to our knowledge - it will not be available for distribution outside of the United States. Presentation on the French publisher's website lamaindonne: "Antebellum South: of this appellation which designates the Deep...

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  • Presentation by éditions lamaindonne:        [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal] "For a long time, Gaël Bonnefon had titled his whole photography work About Decline. A corpus of images spreading over more than 10 years, a tribute to the daily and the banal. He explores the little cracks, between visible and invisible, where the daily life reveals its...

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  • Presentation by lamaindonne : [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] " Georgia, is the name of the boat on which embarked in 1906 a certain Ljubiša Danilovic, a young Montenegrin of nineteen years of age, dreaming of a future full of promises. It is in Butte, a mining town in Montana, that he finally arrived, as many other Montenegrins or Italians at the...

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