Eye of the Beholder

@ Avedon, Richard



Le titre complet de ce livre édité par la Fraenkel Gallery de New York est Eye of the Beholder - Photographs from the Collection of Richard Avedon.

Cet ouvrage est un recueil de 5 fascicules thématiques présentés dans un emboîtage souple :

 - Vol.1 : Diane Arbus (36 pages - 14 illustrations)
 - Vol.2 : The Countess de Castiglione (44 pages - 18 illustrations)
 - Vol.3 : Peter Hujar (24 pages - 8 illustrations)
 - Vol.4 : Irving Penn (44 pages - 18 illustrations)
 - Vol.5 : Etcetera (92 pages - 45 illustrations)


Fraenkel Gallery, 2006

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  • Quick view Arbus, Diane
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    From the publisher : "Susan Sontag once referred to her library as “the inside of my head…a map of my brain.” If a library does indeed function as a sort of x-ray of one’s preoccupations, the library of Diane Arbus offers fascinating insights into her personal interests and obsessions. Through exquisite reproductions presented in a unique accordion...

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  • Quick view Hujar, Peter
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    Publisher's presentation: "Celebrated and revered by artists, the work of Peter Hujar remains something of a public secret, but his photographs dealing with sex and eroticism, made between the years 1969 and 1986, have come to define a certain era in New York. Today they are widely considered to be among his finest and most radical work. Hujar’s view of...

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