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Publisher's presentation:

"Celebrated and revered by artists, the work of Peter Hujar remains something of a public secret, but his photographs dealing with sex and eroticism, made between the years 1969 and 1986, have come to define a certain era in New York. Today they are widely considered to be among his finest and most radical work. Hujar’s view of the human body is uninhibited and uncompromising, but his poignant explorations of sexuality and desire also project a universal humanity; as Nan Goldin said of Hujar’s nudes, «Looking at his photographs of nude men, even of a naked baby boy, is the closest I ever came to experience what it is to inhabit male flesh.»

This monograph, published in conjunction with the exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery, is the first to deal specifically with Hujar’s photographs of love and lust. Captured in beautifully rendered tritones by Trifolio in Italy, these photographs present a view of human relationships that encompasses both the tender and taboo.

This volume contains an interview with author Fran Lebowitz and a newly commissioned essay by Vince Aletti."

82 pages - Softcover in soft & translucid plastic slipcase

Fraenkel Gallery, 2014

New - Mint condition

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