Meloni Meloni (*signed / signed with print*)

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Presentation par Gerry Johansson:

" My work with Meloni Meloni began in 2014. As usual it was a happy circumstance that got me started. I was in Ravenna on a commission for Osservatorio Fotografico and one day I drove the little road between Classe and Lido Dante, just outside Ravenna.

In the corner of my eye I saw a sign with the text Meloni Meloni. What a wonderful sign! My thoughts went to words like melody and melancholy.

I immediately got in a very good mood, parked my car and started walking along the road Via Bosca. A short little road, maybe 4-5 kilometers long. A fairly typical Italian road on the border between the suburb and the countryside. But of course very interesting when you're in a happy mood.

Over the years I have returned several times. The book has four chapters, one for each year I photographed and in each year the walks begins at the sign Meloni Meloni. "

Short introduction in Swedish, English and Italian.

We are offering two editions of this book: trade edition (signed copies) or edition with print (open edition) with a 14 x 14 cm print on 24 x 17 cm silver gelatin paper (signed, numbered and stamped with title) presented in a cardboard case.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Limited Edition is now available.

192 pages - Linen hardcover

Johansson & Jansson AB, 2020 (750 copies)

Format : 17 x 24 cm

*Signed* / *With Print*

New - Mint condition

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