Flowers and Fruits (*signed*)

@ Zhipeng, Lin (aka 223)



.Two signed copies available (poster included).

Presentation by T&M Projects:

"Lin Zhipeng a.k.a. No.223 has been energetically presenting the spirits and activities of young people through his photographs in conservative Chinese culture. He continues to portray a young generation who enjoys love and life, swaying between sexuality, with joy, arrogance and a playful images.

Flowers and Fruits is a series of flowers and fruits, which 223 has taken many times as motifs of subjects. The flowers and fruits with vitality and beauty have fascinated many people at any time.

223 consciously treats flowers and fruits in his works, but also there are many images with them that were unconsciously included. The collaboration of flowers and fruits with the youth is fascinating and captivating. The flowering time may be very short. The flowers and fruits with that momentary beauty can be said to be the same existence as the young people 223 has been capturing."

Signed copies, offered with a complimentary A3-poster. The book was immediately sold out by the publisher.

Design : Satoshi Suzuki.

176 pages - Softcover w/ DJ

T&M Projects, 2019

Format : 14.8 x 21 cm


New - Mint condition

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Zhipeng, Lin (aka 223)

Lin Zhipeng is a Chinese photographer. In 2003 he creates a blog called "North Latitude 223", that becomes very successful, where he shares images and short texts. After many group exhibitions, his work is presented in solo shows in China, the USA , The Netherlands, and in many other countries. His work is a study on the body, on gender, on day to day life, liberty and innocence, nudity and sexuality, with a strong interest for colors and the frequent appearances of flowers and vegetal elements... Lin Zhipeng named himself "223" as a reference to the policeman character in the movie "Chungking Express" by Wong Kar-Wai. He has published many books including "Hidden Track" (Editions Bessard, 2016), "Sour Strawberries" (Editions Bessard, 2018),  "Flowers and Fruits" (T&M Projects, 2019) and "Grand Amour" (Witty Books, 2020). © Portrait by Adam J. Schokora taken from a 2015 interview on the Neo Cha website.
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