Rebel Riders (*w/ print*)

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Presentation by Dienacht Publishing:

"The iconic Italian Vespa by Piaggio holds a special place in the hearts of Indonesian motorists. The earliest version that can be seen on the street dates back to the 1960s, when the Indonesian peacekeeping mission in Africa returned to the country and was awarded Vespa bikes by the government. In many cities across the archipelago Vespa communities thrive. Although most of them adore classic Vespas, some take their obsessions to the next level by transforming the originals into versions never imagined by Piaggio.

As if emerging from Mad Max movies, these scooterists wander around the country riding ­custom-built Vespas, which look too weird not only to outsiders, but also to people within the Indonesian Vespa community itself. People call these scooters “Vespa sampah” (“garbage Vespa”) or “Vespa gembel” (“Vespa drifter”), but the owners of these Frankenstein bikes call them “Vespa extreme”. (...)

It is unclear how many extreme Vespas exist all over Indonesia. They may number in the thousands and can be found all over the Indonesian archipelago, even in its most remote areas. Most of them use Vespa engines from the late 80s or early 90s, as they are more powerful than the earlier versions. Althought these Vespas seem to be designed for show, they can actually be ridden. Riding them for thousands of kilometers is very common, though they are not really roadworthy.

Some of these Vespas have more than twenty tires attached to cheap DIY steel frames. Some are adorned with a buffalo skeleton, bamboo, garbage, or anything the owners could scrape along the road. It seems that the builders’ wild creativity has no limit and the classic Vespas are merely a ­starting point. Its uniqueness, which represents freedom of expression, attracts metalheads, punks, and ­rastafarians as its die-hard fans."

Each copy includes a newsprint "index" supplement (24 pages - format 26 x 36 cm - folded) that reproduces the pictures with handwritten descriptions / captions, and also contains a set of « Extreme Vespa Community » stickers.

PLEASE NOTE: Invcluded with each copy is an 18-by-18-cm Fine Art print (unsigned) of the first image in the carousel.

128 pages - Linen Hardcover

Dienacht Publishing, 2018

Format : 20 x 28 cm

New - Mint condition

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Fadli, Muhammad

Muhammad Fadli is an Indonesian photographer. He works on assignment and on personal projects, mostly documentary. He has several other responsibilities: founding member of the "Arka Project" collective, reporter on climate change for "The GroundTruth Project", photo editor and multimedia producer. In 2018, he publishes "Rebel Riders" with Dienacht Publishing. Then in 2021, he publishes "The Banda Journal / Jurnal Banda" with Jordan, jordan Édition, which received the Aperture / Paris Photo "Photobook of the Year" Award in 2021. © Portrait taken from the artist's website
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