Peace Dance

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Presentation by The Angry Bat:

" « When I was 13 years and in 6th grade in pre-school, me and my classmates had this crazy way of entertain each other by performing a dance called Peace dance. The choreography was so simple that everyone could perform it: both hands expressing peace-symbols, waving them from up to down, side to side and at the end shouting at the same time Peace!

The book Peace dance is a praise to the every day’s fleeting encounters with a touch of mystery and banality, depth and lightness, melancholy and shallowness at the same time. »

      --  Sanne Katainen "

116 pages - Couverture toilée rigide avec bandeau

The Angry Bat, 2018 (300 ex.)

Format : 17 x 22 cm

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Katainen, Sanne

Sanne Katainen is a Finnish photographer She published ''Peace Dance'' in 2018 with The Angry Bat. © Portrait taken from the artist's Instagram profile
  • .Three copies available. For this one time, our presentation of the book is our reaction to the book as sent to the artist upon reception of our copies... "I really do like the book ! First I love the format, the rough cardboard case with the engraved text inside, and the three booklets instead of just one book... Even the little magnet I like ! This...

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