Go to Become (*signed*)

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Presentation by The Angry Bat: 

"Go to Become is a fictional record inspired by Lycanthropy telltales that take Barcelona night-club scene as the main stage, where for its clubbers, the use of alcohol, psychoactive substances and the beats of techno, are a way to achieve a basic state of being in which people is lead by their innermost instincts, like Werewolves."

The book is included in a translucid plastic pouch bearing title & artist name, etc.

96 pages - Hardcover

The Angry Bat, 2018 (300 copies)

Format : 19 x 28 cm


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Molina Gadea, David

David Molina Gadea is a Spanish photographer. He is the artistic director of the LA NUU photography festival in Rubi / Barcelona. His series "The Long Way Home" and "The Human Apart" created during a year-long civil service in the refugee centers of Belgium were published in the BJP and exhibited at Holburne Museum, Bath for the former, and exhibited at the City University of New York for the latter. His first book "Go to Become", an evocation of trance and werewolf transformation among the dancers in the Barcelona club scene, was published in 2018 by The Angry Bat. © Portrait taken form the artist's Instagram account
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