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Rinko Kawauchi is certainly one of the most famous contemporary Japanese photographers, thanks to photobooks such as Utatane, Aila, Cui-Cui or more recently Illuminance. These previous opus showed us and told us life through small plots of daily life, details of everyday life that inscribe us all in the same community.

With Ametsuchi, a term consituté from the Japanese characters meaning "Heaven and Earth", the artist changes scale and pays attention to a centuries-old tradition of fallow burnings in an agricultural region of southern Japan. In this book, she builds a form of mysticism around this tradition, associating images of people lost in the immensity of landscapes, images of starry sky, as well as bits of Buddhist ceremonies. This mystique brings the "reader" back to the notion of universality developed in previous books.

"Community" or "universality", in this interpretation, Rinko Kawauchi therefore still deals with her favorite subject, but tackling it by the age-old traditions and the immensity around us, variation of her previous approach by the details of the everyday that bring us together.


A short text of the artist (in German only in the edition proposed here) accompanies these images.

It should be noted that the book is mounted with pages folded and uncut at the top, on a paper that leaves the negative on the back of each image, so it is possible to guess, even to reveal if the we chose to cut the pages ...

84 pages - Relié avec jaquette

Kehrer Verlag, 2013

Neuf - Aucun défaut

Kawauchi, Rinko

Rinko Kawauchi (川内伦子, born in 1972 in Shiga Prefecture) is a Japanese poetic photographer. Her work is characterized by a serenity, a poetic style, illustrating ordinary moments in life. Kawauchi became interested in photography while studying at Seian College of Art and Design. She first worked in advertising for several years before embarking on a career as an art photographer. She mainly uses a 6 × 6 format for her photographs .
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