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Complete title: Ewa & Piotr, si vis pacem para bellum

Presentation by Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc:
      [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"With Ewa & Piotr, Lorenzo Castore brings us the story of an unlikely, almost hideous encounter. It could have remained, like many others, a simple moment, but it evolved into a great friendship.

Between 2007 and 2013, the photographer lived in Poland. One day, he bumps into a wild woman in the street, but she won't have a single word with him. When he is finally able to track her, he discovers the life conditions of Ewa and her brother Piotr, in a run-down apartment of Krakow. Left alone by themselves, alcoholics, living without gas, electricity or hot water, Ewa and Piotr reveal bits by bits parts of their lives, and little by little end up accepting the camera.

Castore mixes his own images with souvenir photographs, family photos that were entrusted to him by the brother and sister.

Lorenzo Castore's approach is moving towards misery and the suffering humanity, towards places of bereavement, of hardships and rejection. He is going to places noone wants to visit. And he brings back wonders... Through his work, where horror and beauty are so intimate, Castore encourages us to look at the other without any prejudice, without blinders or fear."

Texts Wojchiech Nowicki and Lorenzo Castore in French only.

The images presented here were taken from the artist's website.

200 pages - Softcover

Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc, 2018

Format : 22 x 30.5 cm

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Castore, Lorenzo

Lorenzo Castore is an Italian photographer, member of Agence/Galerie VU' since 2004. Lorenzo first studied Law before turning to photography. Important meetings and friendships with photographers such as Mickael Ackerman and Anders Petersen, and his constant travelling all over the world (Albania, Poland, India, Cuba, United States, etc.) are key in his professional evolution.