Photobooks published by Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc

Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc were created in 1987 in Switzerland. The initial literary and humanist endeavour was to create bridges between cultures and peoples in Europe across the Iron Curtain. Initially centered on Polish and Russian subjects in a still-divided Europe, the production of the publishing house broadened little by little to the bordering countries, and to the rest of the world within a collection dedicated to travel literature, escapist fiction and discovery.

Recently, the catalog was enriched with several drawing and photography books.

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  • .One copy available.Complete title: Ewa & Piotr, si vis pacem para bellumPresentation by Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc:      [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] "With Ewa & Piotr, Lorenzo Castore brings us the story of an unlikely, almost hideous encounter. It could have remained, like many others, a simple moment, but it evolved into a great...

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