The Restoration Will (not / *signed*)

@ Suzuki, Mayumi

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Presentation by Ceiba Editions :

"This outstanding dummy tells, visually, the story of the loss of the photographer's parents in the 2011 tsunami that occurred in Japan.

The jury found the visual story and the narrative very powerful, and also perceived the struggle in finding an adequate way of telling the story of a personal loss of such magnitude.

With the decision of awarding Mayumi Suzuki, the jury is offering their support for the completion of this very personal project by turning this already strong dummy into a book. We realise how something that might have started as a way to deal with a personal loss, can turn into a project to share with a larger audience. Reflected in this dummy, we see the struggle of the author and the challenges she had to face, and therefore we believe it has a huge potential. She was able to show her vulnerability on the pages, but not always she seems capable of finding a reaction to it on her own.

      -- Statement by the Photoboox Award jury "

This book was initially a self-published edition of 87 handmade copies created in 2016 during the « Photobook as an Object » workshop lead by Yumi Goto at Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo. Then it was awarded the « Photoboox Award » and was consequently published by Ceiba Editions (the edition listed here).

The book includes many gatefolds, several tipped-in photographs and a 16-page handmade booklet inserted in one of the gatefolds. Swiss binding. Texts by the artist in Japanese and in English.

We are offering this book with an optional signature by the artist, please choose your edition ("Signed by the artist" vs. "Not signed") below the price before adding the book to your cart. The prices are 70 € vs. 65 €, respectively.

NB : Some of the images presented here were taken from a lensculture feature.

104 pages (many gatefolds) + 16 pages - Hardcover

Ceiba editions, 2017 (450 copies)

Format : 19 x 27.5 cm

*Signed* (optional)

New - Mint condition

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65,00 €

  • Signed by the artist
  • Not signed

Suzuki, Mayumi

Mayumi Suzuki is a Japanese photographer who started photography after the disappearance of her parents in the 2011 tsunami on the Japanese Tohoku region, and the discovery of the remains of their home, their photo studio, and the muddy medium-format camera of her father. © Portrait taken from the Ceiba Editions website
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