Natural Deceptions

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From an article in The New Yorker, Jan. 2018 : 

"When she was in graduate school, the photographer Natalie Krick began taking pictures of women in what she calls « female drag ». She would meet her subjects on websites like Craigslist or Model Mayhem, go over to their houses, and give them ultra-feminine makeovers: bright lipstick, false nails and eyelashes, pushup bras.

One day, her mother came to visit. « She’s a lot older than the women I was photographing, and I really liked that, because I was thinking a lot about idealized beauty, and the way that the body is sexualized and styled, » Krick said recently. Women over fifty don’t appear in ads in fashion magazines; women over fifty don’t really appear in ads, period, aside from ones for prescription medications and senior cruises. Krick wondered what it would be like to photograph her mother in the way of the younger women she was working with, dolled up as a glamorized object of desire.

The resulting photographs, which won Aperture’s 2017 Portfolio Prize, appear in Krick’s first book, Natural Deceptions, and they are wild. "

Text by Ann Friedman in English only. The book includes a trifold poster insert, format 29 x 65 cm.

64 pages - Softcover

Skylark Editons, 2017 (390 copies)

Format : 22.8 x 30.5 cm

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Krick, Natalie

Natalie Krick is an American photographer; she is known for her pictures of women in ultra-feminine makeovers she calls "female drag" She worked with her mother  as a model for the series called "Natural Deceptions" which won the "Aperture's 2017 Portfolio Prize" and was published by Skylark Editions in 2017. © Portrait taken from the website Der Greif