List of photobooks by photographer Krick, Natalie

Natalie Krick is an American photographer; she is known for her pictures of women in ultra-feminine makeovers she calls "female drag"

She worked with her mother  as a model for the series called "Natural Deceptions" which won the "Aperture's 2017 Portfolio Prize" and was published by Skylark Editions in 2017.

© Portrait taken from the website Der Greif

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  • From an article in The New Yorker, Jan. 2018 :  "When she was in graduate school, the photographer Natalie Krick began taking pictures of women in what she calls « female drag ». She would meet her subjects on websites like Craigslist or Model Mayhem, go over to their houses, and give them ultra-feminine makeovers: bright lipstick, false nails and...

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