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Presentation by lamaindonne :  [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"In 2014, Gabrielle Duplantier published Volta with Editions lamaindonne. The book received critical and public acclaim and is now long sold out. Four years later, Terres basses (Lower Lands) confirms the artist's talent.

A journey in a dense and rich artistic universe, where we rediscover the artist's sensibility for landscapes and portraits of women and children... A powerful and delicate photographic work, that never yields to artifice or affectation and where the images are a testimony of life, of its uncertainties and hopes, of its accidents and its joys.

The love she has for her subjects is still present, allowing the reader to enter the intimacy of her circle of close friends, with a caring reserve and infinite gentleness. A loving eye that transforms darkness into light."

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144 pages - Hardcover

Editions lamaindonne, 2018

Format : 21 x 27 cm


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Duplantier, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Duplantier is a French photographer based in pays basque, in southwestern France. Gabrielle has a very personal work that she pursues in the immedaite vicinity of the place she lives in (Pays Basque, in the Pyrénées mountains, on the Atlantic side) and also in the immediate proximity and intimacy of a circle of close friends. Photo: © Maya Rosa
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