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is an almost romantic representation of Italy; the images were created over a period of 3 years.

The images visible here were taken from the artist's website.

80 pages - Hardcover

Max Ström, 2016

Format : 23.9 x 31 cm

New - Mint condition

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Bogren, Martin

Martin Bogren is a Swedish photographer (born in 1967), based in Malmö. He photographs the Swedish musicians and artists he frequents. His first book "The Cardigans - Been It" published in 1996, at the height of the group's notoriety, reveals his work and launches his career. I n 2019 , he publishes « August Song » with L'Artiere. Illus: Facebook profile
  • Presentation by L'Artiere: " « I photographed August Song during summers 2013-2018 in rural parts of Sweden; venues hidden in the woods on the outskirts of the villages. A winding road leading into the forest, hidden away on its own and divided by a fence from the world out there / the outside world. At the back, a stage with an orchestra playing...

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  • .One NEW copy available. Excerpts from the text by Caroline Bénichou: " It is the moment when you feel your heart and your throat swell or your stomach tightens, it depends. And, for just one moment, you are no longer anything else than this bite in your heart. Like a winter paleness... It is the moment when your eyelids half open. A path takes shape. A...

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  • Beautiful portraits of people from India's Rajasthan who discover the ocean for the first time.The Black & White, grainy, and highly contrasted style of Martin Bogren suits perfectly the atmosphere of these moments, the smiles, the bodies, the waves, the water.36 pages - Hardcover, no DJ Journal, 2008 New - Mint condition

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  • Presentation of the series on the photographer's website: "The mountain range of Caucasus is a borderland where Europe meets Asia and Christianity meets Islam; a myriad of nationalities, languages and cultures live side by side. Well-known in the Soviet time as the land of wine and pomegranates, clean mountain air and sunny beaches, the Caucasian...

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  • Presentation of the series on the artist's website: "In the project Natten I wanted and needed to change totally my way of taking pictures. I felt a pressing need to turn the camera onto myself and started for the first time to make self-portraits. I needed to tame my new surroundings in the Värmland region of Sweden. A place, in the middle of nowhere...

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