Vote No. 1 (*signed*)

@ Duffy, Mark

N/A - AV0181


Publisher's presentation :

"The Irish landscape was littered with electoral campaign advertising during the recent European, local and national by-elections. Vote No. 1 documents this and examines the culture of election advertising in Ireland.

The series focuses on the accidental, and often gruesome, disfigurements the electoral candidates' faces suffer – an unintended consequence of their posters' erection. These images reflect the Irish electorate's increasing disillusionment with the political process after years of harshening austerity politics."

This book was published after it won 1st Prize at the Vienna Photobook Festival 2015.

56 pages - Hardcover, spiral binding

Anzenberger Edition, 2015 (400 copies)

Format 21 x 28 cm


New - Mint condition

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  • Publisher's presentation: "The thing is, we are controlled by a compulsion to get rid of dust. DUST, we believe, does not agree with us, because it conceals everything we create. DUST is the devil’s trap, revealed only once it has caught its prey. Haven’t we been forever treading all evil into the dust? Was the snake not cursed to grovel in the dust?...

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  • Publisher's presentation of the photobook signed by Olga Matveeva: "Feud is the fraternal war in which the opposition parties often can’t explain its roots and its prime cause. It is some kind of certain sacral action reproducing itself. Actually it is very difficult to be aside of the situation. There is no chance not to react for information...

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  • Presentation by the photographer Regina Anzenberger:  " Just as the ashes of the recently deceased dog, Shakeera, were about to be scattered around her favorite place, a large white swan appeared in the sky. « Is this the reincarnation of our beloved white dog? » the artist and her 13-year-old dog sitter, Leila, wondered, sadly. But as it turned out...

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