Vote No. 1 (*signé*)

@ Duffy, Mark

N/A - AV0181

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Présentation de l'éditeur :

"The Irish landscape was littered with electoral campaign advertising during the recent European, local and national by-elections. Vote No. 1 documents this and examines the culture of election advertising in Ireland.

The series focuses on the accidental, and often gruesome, disfigurements the electoral candidates' faces suffer – an unintended consequence of their posters' erection. These images reflect the Irish electorate's increasing disillusionment with the political process after years of harshening austerity politics."

Ce livre a été publié par après avoir remporté le premier prix au Vienna Photobook Festival 2015.

56 pages - Couverture cartonnée, reliure spirale

Anzenberger Edition, 2015 (400 ex.)

Format 21 x 28 cm


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