Imperial Courts 1993-2015

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Presentation by Roma Publications:

"In 1993, Dana Lixenberg travelled to South Central Los Angeles for a magazine story on the riots that erupted following the verdict in the Rodney King trial.

What she encountered there inspired her to revisit the area, and led her to the community of the « Imperial Courts » housing project in Watts. Returning countless times over the following twenty-two years, Lixenberg gradually created a collaborative portrait of the changing face of this community with her 4x5 field camera.

Over the years, some in the community were killed, while others disappeared or went to jail, and others, once children in early photographs, grew up and had children of their own. In this way, Imperial Courts constitutes a complex and evocative record of the passage of time in an underserved community."

This book appeared in many lists of "best of 2015 " photobooks, as compiled here.

A series of simple but strong portraits; a really beautiful book.

296 pages - Softcover w/ DJ

Roma Publications, 2015 (2nd edition, 2016)

Format : 24 x 31 cm

New - Mint condition

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