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Presentation by Radius Books:

"In this powerful book of photographs, Aaron Huey portrays both the broken social landscape and the ceremonial warrior culture of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This body of work goes far beyond the obvious poverty and into the world of the tribe’s visions and dreams. It is a witness to both the dark and the light, and is intentionally presented as more of a prayer or poem than documentary. The book begins and ends with a traditional Lakota prayer, suggesting that the intervening images may be analogous to a transformative ceremonial experience.

The Pine Ridge Reservation, located 75 miles south east of the Black Hills in South Dakota, is sometimes referred to as Prisoner of War Camp #344, and is now the home of the Oglala Lakota. Sadly, Pine Ridge is now the quintessential example of the failure of the U.S. reservation system imposed upon the Lakota and other tribes, with staggering statistics on everything from violent crime to education. The unemployment rate is nearly 90% and the life expectancy for men is 48, roughly the same as Afghanistan and Somalia. Huey’s color photographs stand as a testament to the incredible difficulties facing the tribe and the reparations yet to be made to them, but also to the strength and beauty of their spirit, which shines through all of the darkness. This second edition contains a new set of inserts and has a traditional binding (whereas the first edition featured a “lay-open” binding.)"

A conference about this project, given by the artist on the TED platform, is available here, with your choice of 35 different subtitles !

208 pages - Softcover w/ DJ

Radius Books, 2012

New - Mint condition

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