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"Noémie Goudal’s book Observatoires depicts black and white photographs, showing bare, concrete structures orientated towards the sky.

These structures are two dimensional backdrops, constructed entirely from paper by the artist and re-staged in natural space. The cut-outs' folds are left deliberately discernable, highlighting their fleeting existence in photographic space and their brutalist construction.

Isolated and incongruous, the man-made structures and their seemingly conflicting settings play on our sense of scale, what is natural, what is artifice, what belongs - to challenge or sense of perception as a whole.

Inspired by the cosmic architecture of India such as the Observatory's of Jai Singh II, Noémie
Goudal's Observatoires are likewise orientated towards the sky to observe it relentlessly."

With a text by Marta Gili.

20 pages - Large-format softcover

The New Art gallery Walsall & FOAM Museum, 2014

New - Mint condition

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