List of photobooks by photographer Mohadjerin, Mashid

Mashid Mohadjerin is an Iranian born photojournalist and portrait photographer; she is based in Belgium.

The presentation of Mohadjerin on the website states: « Her photo-essays are portrait based long-term projects. She has been turning her camera to identity and gender related issues, migration and the socially/culturally displaced. Her latest work includes photo essays on trafficking of women within the European Union and the future of young Native Americans in Oklahoma. »

In 2021, the result of her PhD research thesis is presented at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in an exhibition and a catalogue both titled "Freedom is Not Free".

© Portrait taken from the website

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  • Presentation by Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp: " What does freedom mean? Through the lens of her camera and through a kaleidoscope of history of women in resistance in the Arab world, Mashid Mohadjerin put together a multidimensional work which, through its varied formats such as photography, collage, text, and historical images, takes the viewer on...

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