Kolkata 2224 (*signed*)

@ Defaix, Pierre



Publisher's presentation:

"This book is a trip!

I never thought that I would publish another book with pictures from India. Until Pierre Defaix showed up with his photos from Kolkata. So strong. Took 5 minutes and it was clear, that this must become a Peperoni Book.

Now it's done and it's damn good. Let's don't talk about when and how Pierre did it, let`s dive. With all our senses, with hands and feet, body and soul. A wobble, a bustle, a madness, a turmoil. And so tender, so quiet, so sad, so true. People, animals, vegetables, fish and gold rings on the little toe. Symbols, light, fire, water. A folly of brilliantly composed spreads. But we don´t even think about it. Further, further. To the rose, the smoke man, the chicken feet, the golden leaf.

Maybe these pictures were photographed with a camera. But they feel like a direct circuit to the brain of an overpowered Kolkata visitor. A masterpiece!"

148 pages - Linen hardcover w/ golden silkscreen print

Peperoni, 2015


New - Mint condition

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