Requiem (*signed*)

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"Old age, disease, death and facing dead bodies are somehow placed on the edge of the contemporary society, which rather uses various channels to emphasise the imperative of health, youth and strength.

Bertok approaches death from the perspective of life: he is intrigued by its mythology reflecting through history the notion of the so-called dignified death, he is fascinated by the psychological effects of the omnipresent fear of death and by the organic remnants of the once alive bodily system. He never idealizes death, as it always stands for fear, pain, agony and pain, he rather sees it as a consequence of life."

An article about this book, and many more images, are available on the blog "who needs another photography blog".

The book is made of two books / booklets inserted in each side of a soft cardboard cover, and includes a folded leaflet containing an interview with the artist.

46 pages - Booklets inserted in a soft cardboard cover

The Angry Bat, 2015 (300 copies)


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  • .Three copies available. For this one time, our presentation of the book is our reaction to the book as sent to the artist upon reception of our copies... "I really do like the book ! First I love the format, the rough cardboard case with the engraved text inside, and the three booklets instead of just one book... Even the little magnet I like ! This...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "Many of Paatos’ series depict individuals and identities with contradictions: she is inclined to locate couplings of the romantic and the harsh, the bare and the intense, the vulnerable and the sinewy. Through her photographs Paatos explores the relationship between the people living in the sparsely populated areas and the...

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  • .Last copy!.Presentation by The Angry Bat:  "Go to Become is a fictional record inspired by Lycanthropy telltales that take Barcelona night-club scene as the main stage, where for its clubbers, the use of alcohol, psychoactive substances and the beats of techno, are a way to achieve a basic state of being in which people is lead by their innermost...

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