Toute arme forgée contre moi sera sans effet

@ Delfosse, Colin


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Publisher's presentation of Colin Delfosse's photobook:

"Like a drunkard, night has fallen on Kinshasa. On the paved esplanade adjoining Mzée Kabila market, in the uncertain outskirts of the capital where ten million Congolese live in close proximity, Six Bolites pulls on his starry cloth mask and climbs onto the hood of a war-torn van. To the sound of local musicians perched on top of an old banger painted in the national colours, bunches of kids and passersby from the suburbs of Massina, Ngili or Matete join the procession and chant his name together with those of the other wrestlers who will confront each other once again this evening."

The French title translates to "Any weapon forged against me will have no effect".

80 pages - Hardcover

éditions 77, 2015 (800 copies)

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