Black Nest

@ Christensen, Mathias



Publisher's presentation :

"In Black Nest, Mathias Christensen dissolves into a dark misty world of his former hometown, Copenhagen. With insistent aesthetic consequence, we are sucked into a delirium of obscured strange sceneries, never knowing what’s waiting around the corner.

Throughout the book Christensen circles around crucial existential cornerstones in the urban landscape, hence the paradox of loneliness and alienation coexisting within the density of the human masses seems to be an essential phenomenon in this work.

«In the beginning I thought I was looking at the city as a place and this discomfort it triggered inside me. But later on I realized I was looking at something deeper and much more horrifying, I was looking at the urban specie as a state of being,» says Mathias Christensen.

With particular interest in mankind's relation to nature and modern society, the work of Mathias Christensen (b. 1984) have been featured in exhibitions around Europe and USA."

120 pages - Hardcover

Kehrer Verlag, 2015

New - Mint condition

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