Ray's a Laugh (1st ed.)

@ Billingham, Richard



.Copy sold.

We are offering a copy of Richard Billingham's famous book Ray's a Laugh, a very straightforward and "no-filter" portrait of his alcoholic father, his mother and younger brother and their daily life under the same roof.

A book that would or could be funny if it wasn't the real life and a sad and sometimes scary one...

This book is listed in "The Photobook: A History volume II" by Martin Parr & Gerry Badger.

Condition of the copy :

The overall condition is excellent, but there is an important bump at the top of the spine (cf. photo).

Dustjacket : The bump to the top of the spine has left a trace (creases, with the white of the paper showing a little bit under the color layer of the image) on approx. 1 cm. The traces are visible on the front and back covers. Apart from this defect, the DJ is in excellent condition : no fold, no tear, no scuffing, no other trace.

Book : The trace of the bump to the top spine is clearly visible too (crushed cardboard that has been straightened with remaining ripples). The booklets inside the book are impacted on that corner. However, since the book does not open flat, the damage is not really visible inside, unless you really look for it when opening the book really wide.
In addition, the lower corners (spine and free corners) dispaly a very small and rather discrete bump.
Apart from these elements, the book is in excellent condition : inside is perfectly clean, no fold, tear, inscription or other defect. Tha binding is perfectly strong.

100 pages - Hardcover with DJ

Scalo, 1996


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