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"We experience an infinite number of instants in life. Like scattered dust and seeds, they are so negligible. Few people realize, but these trifles, these most trivial instants are in fact closest to life itself. They enclose beauty that is naked and simple, and embody power that enriches our souls. These photographs are like dust and seeds picked out and blown up by film, life itself constructs the entirety of their existence."

45 B&W images on loose sheets, held together by a simple "tracing paper" illustrated cover, inserted in a cardboard case closed with a string. Some pages are single-pages, other are doubles, triples or multiple (accordion / Leporello).

90 pages - Loose sheets in cardboard case

Jiazazhi, 2013 (500 numbered copies)

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  • .Only 2 copies available - Sold out by the publisher. 3D-portraits made in North Korea in 2014.Jiazazhi Press, 2016 Box format: 15.5 x 19.5 x 6.5 cm Content: 3D-glasses, 64 3D-cards, 5 3D-postacards, booklet (Chinese & English). *Signed* New - Mint condition

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    Presentation by the artist: "My theater complex came from my home. I live in a theater's courtyard filled with playing and watching. The theater life enriched my knowledge about various roles at all times and in all countries. Time was changing the opera gradually. The pop, fashion and foreign elements were added into the traditional, local and folk...

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    .Back in stock.Publisher's presentation: "Zhang Xiao started his journey from 2009-2013 along the coastline of China. China has long coastline from the mouth of Yalu river in Liaoning province in the north to the mouth of Beilun river in Guangxi province in the south. In all, it is a continuous eighteen thousands kilometers. There are great changes every...

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