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"Photographer Heikki Kaski (Finland) crawled into the skin of the small town Tranquillity, 800 inhabitants, in the desert-like San Joaquin Valley, California. The images show a strange, introverted world in a stiflingly hot desert; the heat is almost palpable in this book."

Text from the cover:

"And there was. Sounds weird, but there was aliens all over the fucking place outside. And supposedly, you know, something really strange happened. That would've been in the seventies, that would've been in the sixties. But then I never knew what happened and nobody ever talked about it. So I just attributed it to a dream. Sometimes when you have dreams and you wake up and, you know, they're almost real. They feel like real. Because I've seen things before that. I believe in the, I believe we have a lot of power with our minds and everything else that people don't have anymore. We've abused it so the knowledge and everything was taken away from us. It's weird."

A strange journey in a small community called Tranquillity, lost in California's Central Valley". A bizarre atmosphere, a feeling of the end of times...

The project for this book won the Unseen Dummy Award 2013 in Amsterdam.

118 pages - Softcover

Lecturis, 2014

New - Mint condition

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