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Presentation by the artist:

"Dispersal is a project about absence, longing and freedom. My photography tries to deal with the same issues." -- Arianna Sanesi

Dispersal is not a book per se, it is a collection of artifacts, texts and images presented in a cardboard box, closed by a thick red rubber.
Opening the box, discovering the objects, wondering about their meaning, taking out the folder that holds the unbound pages, some held by paper clips... Dispersal is clearly a unique experience, even before seeing a single image, or reading the first sentence of text!

A first browsing of the images takes us in a forest, in the mountains, in a peaceful nature, in a damp and mysterious atmosphere. The images are beautiful, the tones are those of a forest under the clouds and in the rain... You get to realise that some of the images are of objects, artefacts that are evidences, and then you understand that the book, the project, is in fact an investigation.

Then you get back to the text, and you re-discover the images under an all new light...

A beautiful story, a beautiful project, and a really beautiful production!
Published thanks to the support and work of Rumore Nero, "little independent publishing house", Dispersal is the third volume of their "L" series (standing for "50" in Latin numbers, and meaining "50 copies").

This publication (limited to 50 copies) is presented in a 25 x 33 x 5 cardboard box, contains 7 objetcs in plastic bags, and a folder that holds the texts, images and documents. Each copy is signed and numbered at the back of the box.

40 pages (40 sheets) - Artifacts, folder, pages (images & texts) in a cardboard box

Rumore Nero, 2014

*Signed & Numbered*

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Sanesi, Arianna

Arianna Sanesi is an Italian photographer based "between Paris, Italy, and the forest". From her artistic statement: « My artistic approach is about looking and the exploration of meaning. I do not stop at the surface of things by deciding to take the time to dig: to dig in the stories, the mystery, or simply in what we consider acquired. I meet the ghosts (mine and others’) and I try to evoke the invisible. I use every possible source for inspiration and expression: I work mainly with the help of hints and traces, in search of what has disappeared, what cannot be seen, what cannot be shown and from there I start to build a story. [...] I try to deal with what is missing and make it visible. » In 2014 she publishes "Dispersal" (Rumore Nero), a book / object, a wild and probably vain quest for the wolf, this mythical and invisible creature. A priject Arianna indicates is « about absence, longing and freedom. » In 2021, she publishes with writers Lydie Bodiou and Frédéric Chauvaud the book "Les crimes passionnels n'existent pas" (d'une rive à l'autre). For this book (in French only) discussing violence against women, she contributes images from her project "I would like you to see me" about femicide in Italy. © Portrait taken from the artist's website
  • Presentation by D'une rive à l'autre:         [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] " The photography series « I would like you to see me » created in 2015 by Arianna Sanesi, about femicide in Italy, at a time when the word was barely used and the phenomenon was essentially ignored by the media, is the starting point of this photobook and of the encounter...

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