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Le Crowbar (*signed*)

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In 1996, Tom Hunter embarks with a group of friends and some family members on a long journey to Hostomice, Czech Republic to participate in one of the biggest techno event of the year, the "3rd Annual Teknival".
The vessel that will take them to this destination is a derelict double-decker bus christened Le Crowbar.
The books tells the story of the travel in the bus, the living together, the improvised camp sites, the simple joys of the moment, the idleness, and the boredom, of this odd and unlikely gang on their way to what they certainly imagined as a paradise of the senses...

A simple book, a beautiful series of group portraits of this community of people who - in a certain way - were simply on vacation.

96 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

Here Press, 2013


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