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Open Space Office (*signed*)

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Open Space Office
is a journey in gigantic Portuguese quarries, an almost supernatural universe where nature is exploited by Man.

The planned quarrying of the volumes and surfaces creates geometrical  structures that the artist uses in a rather brilliant way, to provide an interesting esthetic feel to the grid patterns of the monochromatic surfaces. Sometimes a visual reference is included within the frame and helps in reading the image, sometimes the eye is at a loss for something to "ground" the image and provide the scale of these often very impressive cliffs and volumes.

This is a work that tries to convey how exceptional are these quarries: by their sheer size, by their atmosphere, by the sound that inhabit them (or lack thereof), and by the simple fact that the mark left by Man on Earth in these spaces is difficult to grasp until you are actually facing this jaw-dropping spectacle.

The book is also a beautiful large-format object with a triptych-shape cover that opens to acces the text (and the artist's signature).

44 pages - Softcover

Self-published, 2013


New - Mint condition

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