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Mass is a series of 18 pairs of images presented in a very elaborate book.

Mark Power, during a stay in Krakow (Poland) gained access to many churches in the city and the right to photograph the offices from a high position at the end of the nave. Mass consists of 18 shots made in different churches of Krakow, whose interiors are all equally beautiful and impressive; to be honest, grandiose. It is necessary to unfold the pages horizontally to discover these large-format images. On the inside of the folded page, in counterpoint, a photograph of the trunk of each church represented.

As the artist indicates on his website (see Details), the project of this book was initially developed with the desire to point out the richness of the Polish Church and the contradiction - subject to criticism in Krakow itself - with the poverty of the faithful. But the author, of Catholic education but no longer practicing, found himself envious of a keen sense of community among the many faithful and a deeply held belief that he understood but could not reach ...


A superb object on strong paper, four-color, printed 750 copies (sold out at the publisher), all numbered and signed by the artist.


118 pages - Hardcover without Jacket

GOST Books, 2013

* Signed * - Ex. N ° 300/750

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MASS, the new book by Mark Power, examines the dominance and influence of the Catholic church in Poland.

While living in Poland during the autumn and winter of 2010/11 Power sought permission to photograph over fifty Catholic church services in the southern city of Krakow. Power, a lapsed Catholic, had already become fascinated by the great numbers attending mass each day and by the intensity of faith on display, appearing to cross borders of class and age, often in settings of spectacular beauty.

Power photographed each Mass from the 'choir' (‘organista' in Polish) high up at the back of the church, using long exposures of between one and twenty seconds, depending on the available light. Remembering, from childhood, that there were three points during a service when the congregation remains still for any length of time, he learnt to follow the service in Polish and anticipate when these precious moments would occur.

In the book, each portrait of a ‘Mass’ (of which there are 18) is paired with a close-up of a collection slot. The congregation is encouraged to donate what money they can. Power notes: ‘These [slots] act as a counterpoint to the beauty and celebratory grandeur of the interiors. There is much debate in Poland about the power and wealth of the church, perhaps most specifically in Krakow, and this was something I wanted to investigate and allude to. But what started out as a tirade against the Catholicism soon turned to envy, both for the palpable sense of community and for a belief that I saw, understood, but simply couldn't reach.'

Power, Mark

As a child, Mark Power (Born 1959, Harpenden, UK) discovered his father's home-made enlarger in the family attic, a contraption consisting of an upturned flowerpot, a domestic light bulb and a simple camera lens. His interest in photography probably began at this moment, though he later went to art college to study life-drawing and painting instead. Photo: ©mark power, twitter profile pic
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